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‘Fast Fashion Free’: Rent the Runway launches punchy 2022 campaign

US rental fashion platform Rent the Runway has launched a punchy marketing campaign for 2022, criticising fast fashion for what it says is “harmful to the environment” practices.

Rent the Runway unveiled its ‘Fast Fashion Free’ campaign last week, with several slogans highlighting why it considers renting is a more positive way of procuring clothes than buying what it described as “knockoff” designer items via fast fashion retailers.

The strongly-worded anti-fast fashion campaign has been supported by statements across social media. The official Rent the Runway Twitter account said: “It’s time to break up with fast fashion. All of the red flags are there. It’s harmful to the environment. It’s addictive. It rips off designers. Renting with RTR gives you all of the things you love about fashion – with no guilt.”

Additional social media messages related to the campaign included anti-fast fashion comments such as “make fashion statements, not waste”, while the Fast Fashion Free campaign page on its website urges consumers to “buy less stuff” for gteh good of the environment.

On billboard adverting Rent the Runway’s messages include “Tell fast fashion it’s over” and “Fast fashion is garbage”.

As part of the significant rallying cry against fast fashion, Rent the Runway said it is going to help people recycle their unwanted garments by including drop-off facilities in its New York City (NYC) store.

“If you’re in the NYC area, drop off your unwearable fast fashion or unwanted clothing at our flagship store during January, and we will recycle it for you,” it said.

“We’ve teamed up with Green Tree Textiles to recycle responsibly. If you’re outside of the NYC area, get in touch with your local textile recycler.”

Rent the Runway is offering a discount code for consumers signing up to its subscription service at the start of 2022, and it argues renting fashion products offers “the thrill of newness with none of the regret”.

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