John Lewis is participating in London Oxford Street's latest sustainability campaign

Shop better together: London’s Oxford Street launches sustainability campaign

A new sustainability campaign from London’s Oxford Street shopping district will launch on 15 September, featuring several well-known retailers residing in the area.

John Lewis, Lush, Nike Town and Selfridges are among the businesses participating in the ‘Beyond Now’ sustainability campaign, which aims to shine a light on how brands are evolving their offering to help give consumers greener shopping choices.

Throughout September, the Oxford Street stores of these retailers will provide visitors with an array of in store experiences, services and products all centred around what the organisers have called an opportunity to learn how to “shop better together”.

From upcycling stations and more conscious collections in the world of fashion, to sustainable customisation at Nike Town and natural wine tasting with John Lewis, the sustainability campaign covers several different areas.

Oxford Street has partnered with author and presenter, Candice Brathwaite, to create a 50-piece capsule collection using products from the collections of the campaign’s participating Oxford Street businesses.

Meanwhile, John Lewis will host what it is describing as a ‘Sustainability Festival’, showcasing what it says are ethically-sourced brands and items to help make a home more eco-friendly. The department store chain will also have recycling stations around the store, including for batteries, hangers and beauty packaging.

Other elements of the sustainability campaign include New Balance offering sneaker cleaning as it showcases its partnership with The Renewal Workshop, as well as information about the sports brand’s tie-up with the GIZ Energy Support Program which helps the company improve energy efficiency across its supply chain.

Urban Outfitters’ will give a platform to its recycling partner, while Nike Town will focus on repair, Selfridges plans to talk up its Project Earth initiatives, H&M will launch a Garment Recycling competition, and Lush will give customers the lowdown on its sourcing strategy.

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[Image credit: John Lewis Partnership]

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